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DaVincci ft. Ras Kass, Ras and Taj Austin, Skam2?, Sam E – “Dilla” prod. J Dilla (audio)



Beautiful gesture paying homage to the late J Dilla (Feb 7th 1974 – Feb 10th 2006) DaVincci’s “Dilla” featuring Ras Kass, Ras and Taj Austin, Skam2? and Sam E gives a nod to Dilla’s career, personal anecdotes and quotable notes of inspiration over a beat produced naturally by none other than the man himself.

Be sure to check out the J Dilla Foundation website and find out ways you can help Ma Dukes carry her son’s legacy and help achieve the, “goal of enhancing and developing urban music programs in inner-cities academia.”

ras and boys

Ras Kass and his twin boys Ras and Taj Austin in the studio. This is the first time all three recorded over a Dilla beat together.