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Chingy says he’s Doin The Most



I’ve always been a fan of creativity and originality when it comes to music and the arts. When my homey hit me up and mentioned he had some of Chingy’s new music, I was pleased to take a listen. I haven’t had any of his music pass my desk in quite some time and then boom, the past 2 months I keep seeing his name every couple of weeks. Ironically, I’m pretty sure Chingy don’t give a damn about what I haven’t been hearing, I checked out his youtube and he’s says he’s Still Gettin It and is Doin The Most. I can dig it and I’m feelin’ Doin the Most just for the record, the production slaps hard in the whip and is a lil somethin’ somethin’ to ride to. According to his website, he begins a tour for his birthday in March. Chingy will be performing all his classic and new hits with special guest Big Reeno.

full deck tour