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Malik B & Mr. Green ft Skrewtape – “Crown of Thorns” (audio)



Malik B & Mr. Green dropped yet another single in preparation for their upcoming collaborative LP ‘Unpredictable‘ dropping Feb 24th under Enemy Soil. Track “Crown of Thorns” features South Jersey freshest Skrewtape. These three have an extensive working relationship and it’s really fantastic to see a legendary MC bring on an up and coming artist he deems capable of carrying the legacy.

Little history lesson on this trifecta of Hip Hoppery… Malik B is featured on Skrewtape’s recent collaborative LP with Us NativesNo Filter‘ all the while with Mr. Green on a substantial chunk of his 2013 release ‘Skumbag Millionares‘. Skrew was featured in the video for Green and Malik’s video for previously released single “We Gonna Make It” off ‘Unpredictable’. Both Malik and Skrew have been featured in episodes of Mr. Green’s Live From The Streets series which leads us to speculate ever so hopefully both episodes will be featured on Green’s ‘LFTS’ LP dropping in the next few months under Duck Down. Confused? Have no fear. Just keep your eyes open and we’ll keep you updated.