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Frsh Friday by Dj J Hart : ChillxWill – Almighty LP



Hi guys, hope you had a good Valentine’s day ! This week, I’m back on my boom bap shi! and for this 3rd #FrshFriday I will talk about ChillxWill’s Almighty LP.

ChillxWill is a Tacoma ,Washington, up & coming rapper, members of the Bkr$Clb (with Raz Fresco, The 6th Letter, Lo Thraxx, BriskInTheHouse) and also the best MC I discovered during these last few months.

The first time I heard him it was on his music video ‘911’ feat. BriskInTheHouse, Produced by Figub Brazlevi? :

Well, if you just pressed play , you heard what ChillxWill is about : Lyrics, flow and boom-bap beats…and that’s what I like as well.

That’s why right after hearing this song, I bought the digital version of his third album: Almighty LP, released on last Dec. And I didn’t waist my money because this album is a classic to me,…Yes I said a classic.

Why? Because ChillxWill’s unique style, the ambiance, the lyrics, the consistence of the topics, the Golden Era’s sound stamp and the quality of productions (of Mista Izm, Figub Brazlevic, Wirez, So What?, and Mpadrums) made Almighty a classic LP. My top 3 tracks is #1 : F.A.N.Z. ; #2 Warning ; Remix #3 Cents Dae Wun 


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.11.55 PM


About Golden Era’s sound, after talking with him on the phone (S/O to my man Raz Fresco for the plug), I learnt that he entirely record this album via Analogue tapes recorder which provide that 90’s sound stamp. Btw, ChillxWill will be in interview on the Big Bang Radio Show in 2 weeks…

Well, no more talk, I prefer you make your own judgement by listening to Almighty, don’t forget to mention @iamjhart + #FrshFriday if you want to plug me in your status. That’s it for this week, take care of you and spread love. Peace

BUY CHILLxWILL “ALMIGHTY” Album on Itunes, Cds & Cassette and Vinyl Records.




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