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Sounds Of Sensi Tour – Vlog Week 1 (video)



Adlib has linked up with fellow Sensi-Starr artists J.O. The Last Man, Skrewtape and Drangd for the national Sounds Of Sensi Tour taking them from the beautiful Pacific Northwest through the heartland and back to the Beast Coast where they’ll close out with a homecoming of epic proportions hitting both Philly and Allentown, PA. They’ve been gracious enough to document and share some of their experiences in a vlog so fans and friends get a glimpse into their experience on the road. Cue: Willie Nelson

Covering 20 some odd cities clocking over 8000 miles in just 5 weeks it’s certain to say these four will be carrying the Sounds Of Sensi to a city near you. Check out Sensi-Starr’s brand spankin new site for an official listing of tour dates and a whole mess of info on artists and releases. If ya like weed and hard hitting Hip Hop… these guys are for you.