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DJ Ready Cee on His Inspiration Behind Creating Android Smartwatch Faces



One of NY’s nastiest and resident DJ of the ITS ALIVE movement, the legendary DJ Ready Cee, has launched a line of industry inspired watch faces for Android smart watches and was gracious enough to take some time out to speak with us on the driving force motivating him to make this power move. His personalized “Readymade” creations are now available for purchase off Google Play. Download direct to your Moto 360 or LG G Watch R Android Wear Smartwatch.

Ready Cee Logo

What inspired you to not only do the watch faces but why make that move in this particular facet of retail?

I’ve always been into gadgets and as a kid in the 80’s I loved watches. Watches were definitely more a part of the style and fashion of kids back in the day because it was one of the few affordable portable technologies. There weren’t cell phones or beepers yet so that was your only way of telling time back then so they were more important.

With smartphones today watches are obsolete as far as practicality goes because everything is available on your phone. So now I think the main reason to wear a watch is personalization vs. practicality. Its a fashion gadget. When I saw the customization options in the Android Wear 5.0 update I immediately started imagining the plethora of modern styles I could create.

How did you go from concept to production?

I did some quick research on how these digital faces were built, opened up Photoshop and put together something extremely simple just to get a grasp of the construction. After I successfully tested it, it was an open field after that.

What do you see this watch doing for your “brand” and edge to further your career?

I’ve always been the one to take advantage of whatever new technology pops up around me. Hip Hop is a highly transformative force and it can create an assimilation between itself and anything that it encompasses but truthfully I’m not trying to limit these ideas and designs to the world of Hip Hop. This is something that’s gonna go in many different directions so I’m not planning on using much of my DJ READY CEE brand in the design ideas. The first set of watch faces I released were DJ/music oriented and that will be the extent of it for the time being. I’m going to focus more on universal layouts and designs that anyone can relate to.

Readymade promo

Is there any particular watch out of the smart watches featuring your designs you’d recommend over the rest?

Well I design my faces based on the Moto 360 smartwatch by Motorola. That and the LG G Watch R are the only two Android Wear smartwatches that feature a circular screen. I plan on creating versions of my watch faces that will work on any Android Wear interface in the near future, not just the round ones.

Did you own a smart watch before building off the concept of marketing watch faces?

Yes. I’ve been a nerd since before they even invented the word and I’ve had ‘smart’ watches all the way back from the Dick Tracy spy watches you order out the back of comic books in the 80s to the old school calculator watches, etc. I’ve had a few no-name branded watches from overseas that I found buried in the depths of Amazon but this Moto 360 is the first one that actually lets users develop applications and watch faces freely.

What are some of the benefits of owning a smart watch when we all have smart phones?

Its all about personal style/needs/ideas. Most people will say theres no need for a smartwatch when you have all the info and functionality you need right there on your cell phone but I’ve been in situations where the smartwatch has come greatly in handy when my phone wasn’t easily accessible. The features are customizable to fit your personal needs and interests. It’s not something that everyone will find a use for but when you look back at last year’s statistics of smartwatch purchasing around the world, you’ll realize that this is an extremely fast growing market that is going to explode in the very near future. Be it for fashion or functionality people are buying smartwatches. When this new Apple watch drops then everyone will take notice.

Texas Its Alive Massacre

 Ready Cee has some new material coming soon including production for Shabaam Sahdeeq, Kamala and The Bankai Fam. You can catch him live at various events in Houston, Austin and Dallas Texas surrounding the SXSW festivities. Crazy catalogue of mixes available at or free for download off iTunes.