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Anyextee Debut Album Release ‘Executive Decisions’



Anyextee, founder and CEO of Amalgam Digital, just released his first album ‘Executive Decisions‘ after years of work behind the scenes in the Hip Hop community. 13 tracks sharing a wealth of experience balancing the crude rawness of the art with his higher self a bit more spiritual and grounded in nature. There are no featured MCs allowing Anyextee room to breathe. Backed up by broad yet cohesive base of production credits including executive producer !llmind aided by contributions from including MoSS, Lak Davinci and VividEnd to name a few. ‘Executive Decisions‘ is now available for purchase off iTunes.

Executive Decisions‘ dropped just in time to kick off Amalgam Digital‘s The Summer Of Amalgam Tour including Copywrite, Anyextee, Chuuwee, Too Chill and supporting local acts in various cities around the country. Check local listings for dates near you.