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Out & About : Lil Dicky Concert in LA | Recap



Earlier this week we’ve attend Lil Dicky’s show in LA, and boy that was a treat! The show was more than entertaining all the way! Never a dull moment, laughter, good music, good sound, great energy, Dicky gave an actual show!

The Fonda Theater was packed, top to bottom and I noticed that every age was represented. Everyone wanted to see what Dicky was about to do! From kids with their parents to music execs and some celebrities, the whole place was ready for him!

And Dicky delivered! From the concept of the whole tour: Finding Love Tour, to actually calling girls on stage as “contesters” of a game show and have a chance to be eligible to be his new love interest (at least til the end of the show) was hilarious. Each girl had to perform one of their talent or spin the (digital) wheel and do what it says. Dicky seems passionate to do this music shit where he can incorporate what really got him started: comedy.

Towards the end when he performs “Lemme Freak” with the girl winner, Dicky is now wearing his underwear and grinds on the lucky lady…

Dicky show3 andy choice
Dicky show2 andy choice
Dicky show1 Jozefdelaruckus
Dicky large

Photos by
Andy Choice
Jozef de la Ruckus
Supalaura for brealtv