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Case Bargé – “Affliction” (Video)




Case Bargé, self-made ALOOF Recordings artist releases his first short film, ‘Affliction,’ off of his upcoming project to be released at the end of October, ‘INSANITY.’

‘Affliction’ is based on a striving artist stuck between living an inner-city lifestyle to survive. Striving for what he wants out of life, he’s in for a turn for the worst, while following the path that’s lead and designed by greed.

Personal note from Bargé:

There was a lot more to the script than what was used for the visual. Being mindful and a realist of my resources at the time, I had to summarize the storyline and just get straight to the point. This record is not just about people living a hard inner-city life, but for the people who feel trapped in an environment around closed minds.

‘Affliction’ is the first single released from, ‘INSANITY’ and Bargé pours his soul over the melodic drum rhythms and deep bass. The once struggling, homeless artist knows about feeling trapped, living an inner-city life all too well; making ends meet when possible, Bargé walked around the grimy streets of Cleveland, Ohio day and night as he recited lines with every step. Bargé managed to stay afloat after his close encounter with death; getting robbed at gun point, then having to battle a hernia in the brain and having to learn to walk again.

Affliction by Case Bargé from Case Barge on Vimeo.

Directed by: @casebarge | Shot and edited by: @SceneAmatiX

Instead of running away from his past challenges, Bargé has taken his story and created something with it with the goal to inspire and touch the lives going through their own struggles.

Twitter/IG:? @casebarge

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