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FYI – ‘Age, Sex, Location’ | New EP (Stream | Audio)



L.A. rapper F.Y.I.dropped his new EP today : Age / Sex / Location!
A fresh contribution to the current upper echelon of rappers in F.Y.I.’s hometown. F.Y.I. describe a sharper and rawest image of his side of LA.
F.Y.I. is sharp and witty! He wants to take over the game : “Whatever wave is out right now, it’s my duty to create a tsunami coming from Mid City Los Angeles. Whoever people think is their “Top 5 MC,” I want to work hard to replace one of their favorites and be that person’s new favorite.”

Age / Sex / Location was recorded with producer and frequent collaborator Dual Output, best known for his work with 50 Cent and Joe Budden.