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Detelj- “High School Project” (Video)



New video from new artist Detelj for his poignant song “High School Project”. The visual starts with a monologue-documentary, the actual song starts at 4:36.

Detelj’s musical influences range far and wide – anything from his early days listening to predominately hardcore metal music to Eyedea, Kanye West and, more recently, The Weeknd and The Neighbourhood. Like any good artist, Detelj is constantly growing and evolving his sound.

On January 17th, Detelj released his High School project, which consists of a 4-track EP and an accompanying visual. While he has been actively releasing music for the better part of 5 years, this latest project is unquestionably his most important release to date. Although it covers some controversial subject matter and, at times, is rather aggressive, High School was created with nothing but positive intent – the powerful intro track on the EP helps put into perspective where Detelj is coming from, setting the stage for what’s to come throughout the remainder of the EP. Production on High School comes courtesy of Yng Villn and EraREdux.

Detelj just dropped another video recently alongside ClaS!cK’s Rudy (collectively the duo is going by Tom Savages). “Thinking Man’s Jazz” marks their debut as a unit.