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C.Gray – Best Kept Secret Mixtape (Audio)



Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida comes upcoming artist, C.Gray, with his newly released mixtape, “Best Kept Secret.”

C.Gray recorded his first mixtape, “CG 13,” in his college dorm room in 2008. Since then he has continued to push out back-to-back mixtapes with the help of RnR Records, releasing “New Jax City Vol.1” and “All Night Flight”–both hosted by DJ Spinatik.

As the founder of his independent label, No Pressure Entertainment, C.Gray explains what the up-and-coming label is all about:

“Don’t let the pressures of life allow you to be boxed in. We young, we don’t need to be just going to work, going home, going to sleep, going to work, going home, and going to sleep. People get so caught up on a dollar, or what they perceive the obligations [in life] are, they get trapped and conform. I don’t put pressure on that shit.”

My top faves are #7 “Chose Me,” #9 “Public,” and #2 “P.N.” You can download and stream it on DatPiff here or check the SoundCloud below. Drop a line and tell us what you think of the tape and/or which lands on your top.


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