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Liquor Store Lean – “Jumpin” (Video)



Liquor Store Lean, Brealtv

Jamarrea Bohanan better known as “Liquor Store Lean” started off quietly rapping at the age of 17, but it wasn’t until a year after that when his confidence grew and he had merged with a local rap group. After the group grew apart, Lean took it upon himself to step away and embark on his journey to a solo career. Over the years with much trial and error, having performed shows with Nipsey Hussle, TDE and 2 Chainz to name a few, there was no doubt the odds were in his favor when it came to rocking’ a show.

A great song writer, hook extraordinaire and completely versatile, Lean is nothing short of true originality and a breath of fresh air (for peoples ears). Influenced by the sounds of 80’s funk to modern rap, his eloquent sound is both abstract and complex to say the least. A loner when he is in his element with hopes of working side by side with those who have the same attention to detail and are equally motivated.

“To brag about your achievements is great when you want instant gratitude and possibly if you fear that your time is in jeopardy… I don’t plan on going anywhere… I’m here to create and bring to life the ideas that prevent me from sleeping, so I’ll just let my music speak for itself.” – LSL

LSL latest video is directed by HHDX’s Peter Sobat, VHS style.

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