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Prophets of Rage Hollywood Palladium Review



Prophets of Rage Debut Show

Its been a while since I’ve written up one of these fucking things so here it goes…

Finally the day of the official debut show of the Prophets of Age (B-Real is the youngest in the group, which helps him not buy a yellow corvette and have a mid life crisis). Ever since the Real B (As abc 7 news knows him as) tell me to he be a part of the group with The Chuck D and the Timmy C, and the Tommy Morello and the Brad Wilk I was excited like Figueroa hooker touch my 10 inch cock because The Rage Against the Machine be my favorite band of all time, and even though the Zack wouldn’t be in the group I didn’t care like some of the fucking punk lil gays who cry and say its not the same, I don’t give it the fuck the Zack doesn’t pay my fucking rent! I rarely ask the Real B for anything but for this I asked him months prior if you put me down for a plus 1 on the guest list, I texted him the night before the show too to make sure he not forget and for I don’t have to stab the motherfucker, he responded and reassured me with a simple “yup”. (asshole hahaha)BREAL TEXT

I get to the Palladium at about 8:30pm an hour before they hit the stage, got my wristband without a problem and even managed to get in the DJ Javie Lopez who really wanted to go and I couldn’t leave that fuckin jabroni behind. We walked around the back of the Palladium and met up with the Real B AND RealBTv family and a few other condescending pieces of shit to I humble them old country way but not tonight I didn’t feel like suplexing anybody, putting em in the camel clutch and fucking their ass with cold beer bottle. The only thing on my mind was enjoying a bunch of Hall of Famers making everyone lose their shit for an hour and a half.

We all headed in at about 9pm after chain smoking marijuana after marijuana, with the DNA Genetics, The Kenji, The Adam Ill, The Damon Staleblazer, The Ezone, The DJ Nelz, the Ras Dude with Heroin needles hidden in his adidas.(If I didn’t mention you its because I didn’t feel like typing everyones name, or its because you are cocksucker motherfucker, your choice)

The DJ Lord of the Public Enema got the crowd warmed up by cutting and scratching, playing nothing but classics with substance, and not that fucking garbage with shitty repetitive cock sucking leaned out, metrosexual attention whore, punk lil gays spewing nothing but fucking slurred incoherent ignorance . Everyone was locked and loaded to fuck shit up. Finally 9:30pm hit, the lights went out, the sirens start ringing, and for a split second I thought I was running the Dr. Greenthumb Show (Fuck My Life!) but I snapped out of it, I was about to witness history. All of my favorite Musicians all on one stage, all at the same time. They started off the night with a rendition of Prophets of Rage by the Public Enema, Brad Wilk and The Timmy C built it up before the Tommy Morello came in hard with the guitar. The entire fucking palladium went ape shit (on a side note that Gorilla at the Zoo should’ve eaten the fucking kid) and the Chuck D And and the Real B came in throwing Tyson uppercuts. After the first song Chuck D put his fist in the air and asked everyone to do the same, paying homage to the Greatest of all time Muhammad Ali, it gave me goosebumps. They went on to play a majority of Rage Against The Machine songs, and if anyone had any doubt whether Chuck D or Real B could fill the void of the Zack they were quickly put to rest. They even played an original Prophets of Rage song titled the Party is over, apparently dedicated to Mr. Fucked up hair himself Lebron James or Donald Trump either one. From start to finish it was nothing but energy hitting you in the face, none more evident than when they closed out the night with Killing in the Name, everyone in the building was fucking each other up with middle fingers in the sky yelling out at the top of their lungs “FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!!”, again giving me goosebumps. If you weren’t there to witness history, you fucked up! you fucked up! you fucked up! you fucked up! you fucked up!

Suck my Dick if you don’t like it!




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