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President Barack Obama and Derek Jeter Discuss Their Legacy, Leadership and Childhood



Yankees great Derek Jeter sat down with President Obama earlier this month for a friendly interview about important life topics. One of the first subjects they touched upon was their childhood, and the POTUS reveals that his role models growing up included Dr. J, Walt Frazier, Shaft and Martin Luther King, Jr. As for giving advice to their younger selves, Derek Jeter says that he would tell himself to “continue to work.” Explaining that, “because at that age, you have the dream, but you can’t really see it.” As for retirement, the future Hall of Famer divulged that, “I slept the whole next day. I was ready to retire… I was excited about things to come.” Obama returned with, “That is my intention as well. I’m going to catch up on some sleep.” The two also got into some entertaining banter with the President teasing Jeter about his career in the later seasons:

“For a baseball player, you were old. Let’s face it. C’mon, man. We saw you trying to run around those bases,” the leader of the free world said jokingly.
Watch the video above to see more of what the two discussed.


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