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Beat Tapes




1. Daybreak

3. Holding Pattern (for Geza Decsy)
4. Golden Hour

This is a meditative, chilled out, stripped down, mellow and breezy musical love letter dedicated to the city of Santa Monica. Head down to the ocean to watch the sunset, put on your headphones, and enjoy.

Jay-R.D. is a DJ, producer, vocalist, and song writer from Los Angeles, California. He is also known as DJ NITELIFE and can be found spinning around Los Angeles, mostly in Santa Monica. He draws his influences from a myriad of sources, including AIR, Radiohead, Jack Kerouac, The Beat Generation poets, and Miles Davis. His beats are simple, layered, and full of melody. He is a product of the ‘Golden Era’ of Hip Hop, when the instrumentals and remixes on the B-Side of a 12 inch got just as much play as the main track. ‘The instrumentals back in the day had to be really stong, because they got listened to just as much as the main song! There are times when I would actually put on the instrumental first and vibe out. Listen to a DJ Premier or Pete Rock instrumental. Seems so simple, but there is really a lot going on. I’m just trying to make music that I would like to listen to-nothing more nothing less. Can’t be something you’re not! ‘ he says. ‘There’s a lot of music out there, a lot of people making it, and a lot of places to get it from. I’m just trying to sing with my own voice, tell my story and hope that it resonates with others out there!’

‘Holding Pattern’ is dedicated to the memory of Geza Decsy.
released August 2, 2016

Recorded at Atelier Studios in Westwood, California
All tracks written, produced, and performed by Jay-R.D. (Jason Domantay)
for Beatific Scene Records.

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