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Ghostface Killah Wants to Be the Tony Stark of Cannabis



Early this year, Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah and Killah Priest busted into the California weed industry with Wu Goo, a 70 percent THC oil made to be smoked out of their Dynamite Stix vaporizer. The product comes after the success of West Coast rapper Kurupt’s line of marijuana products. Kurupt’s Moonrocks are girl-scout cookie buds rolled in CO2 oil and dipped in kief. Kurupt also sells THC-infused “lean” called “Moonwalk.” Flavored and bottled like grape cough syrup, the purple drink is a not-so-subtle homage to sizzurp.

Both products are produced in a partnership with Dr. Zodiak, an entrepreneur and hip-hop artist who credits their success to their approach. “We just do things the way they should be done organically. We’re not going to take Wu-Tang and try to turn it into Betty Crocker or something like that. We’re gonna keep it original and authentic and keep the fans happy. We’re not going to change for anybody.”

The initial success of Moonrocks, which included a social-media campaign and natural endorsements from the hip-hop community, including Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and 2Chainz, encouraged Kurupt’s partners, Zodiak and Michael Solo, to reach out to Ghostface and Killah Priest in hopes of developing Wu Goo. Although Ghostface famously dreamed of having “enough land to plant to go and plant [his] own sess crops” in the classic Wu-Tang track “Can It Be All So Simple,” it never occurred to him that there’d be a legal-weed business and he might be a part of it. “No, never. Never. Nope. Nope,” Ghost tells VICE. But looking back, it makes sense to him how we got to this point. “At the end of the day, it’s all about money. The government says you were a criminal if you were getting money off of this weed. Then they saw the demand. They saw it was a growing business. Now they wanna take it and put a dollar on it, so they can get a dollar. They do this with whatever is blowing up. They’d do crack and heroin, too, if it wasn’t for people dying over that shit.”


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