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Original iPhone 2G Is Now Worth More Than the iPhone 7



If the new iPhone 7 is a bit out of your budget range and you’re thinking about buying an older model, think again. Browsing on eBay, Apple‘s 1st generation iPhone, the 2G, can be seen fetching a price of $1,000 USD up towards $8,500 USD. Though the iPhone 2G is not even 10 years old yet, it is now more expensive than ever as The Daily Dot points out. Having sold 6.1 million units, the number of second hand models have dropped since Apple ceased its production back in July of 2008. With that, prices have risen due to the supply drop. As the iPhone 2G’s 10-year anniversary creeps up, we can only expect the eBay prices to rise. So if you have one lying around, it’s time to sell as you might just make a few thousand dollars.

via :Hypebeast