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Dan Bilzerian Appearance On “Larry King Now” (Video)




Dan Bilzerian Appearance On “Larry King Now” 

Professional poker player and social media superstar Dan Bilzerian sits down with Larry King on the Emmy-nominated series, “Larry King Now” and gets candid about criticism that he objectifies women, generated by the constant documentation of him surrounded by scantily-clad women on social media. Bilzerian also opens up exclusively about the controversial 2014 allegations that he kicked a woman in the face, how he hired a prostitute for a veteran, without telling the vet and sounds off on Trump.

‘King of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian explains in detail how he really feels about women, in response to the criticism he receives for “normalizing women as backgrounds instead of human beings” on social media. He explains that he invites hundreds of women over for parties because he wants to “get laid without having a bunch of conversations and dates” and brings only a few guys into the mix to ensure that the women will sleep with someone to “feel validated.”

Bilzerian exclusively opens up to Larry King about being sued in 2014 by a woman who alleged that he kicked her in the face in a Miami nightclub. He shares his side of the controversial story, saying he was only defending another girl he was dating. He says, “My girl was getting attacked, unprovoked…so I got the girl off of her.”

Bilzerian also goes into detail about his ‘unconventional charity contributions,’explaining “I do tons of charity that I don’t really talk about,” detailing that he invites amputees to each of his parties, and brings them to club appearances. Bilzerian also confessed to once hiring a woman to have sex with a veteran he’d invited to one of his parties, without telling the vet she’d been paid to sleep with him.