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The Dillinger Escape Plan @ The Regent (Review & Photos)



dillinger escape plan regent review

The Dillinger Escape Plan has been terrorizing our ears and minds alike for almost two decades. This year, they decided to call it quits and to accompany their departure, they released “Dissociation” and a tour that’s currently going on. They stopped by The Regent in downtown Los Angeles to a sold out where by the time the band came out to play, fans were stuck together. If one was thinking of buying a drink, they should have thought about that two bands ago. Dillinger didn’t disappoint. There were about 15 stage dives per song and where all a collection of all their albums including EPs. Greg (vocalist) jumped off the edge of the balcony that’s above their merch table. He also breathed fire towards the crowd on stage. As usual, band members dove to crowd with instruments on them and music still sounded great. They were loud and their technicality to their music was as precise as their records. It was definitely one to remember. You don’t see bands like The Dillinger Escape who always give it their all both live and in the studio. Their innovation in their music is one to analyze for younger generations to appreciate. Thanks, guys.

[Story & Photos by Ray Salazar]