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Suspects Pocket Dial 911, Discuss Plans To Rob Restaurant




Things almost go crazy in Louisville, KY

A routine trip to a local diner allowed Danville’s Police Chief to serve a side of a justice to some would-be robbers.

According to the Danville Advocate Messenger, police say two suspects were sitting inside their car outside of Brothers’ BBQ discussing their plans to rob the restaurant. Unfortunately for them, one of the men had accidentally pocket dialed police dispatch.

Serendipitously, Police Chief Tony Gray was enjoying dinner and talking to owner Mike Southerland when he got a phone call.

“They start to walk out together, then Tony gets a call — I see Tony’s police face come on, so I knew something was up,” Southerland told the Advocate-Messenger.

Gray was told that dispatch had picked up an accidental call and could hear people discussing robbing a business. They were triangulating the location from key words, including the mention of Chief Gray’s name.

“Basically pinged the cell phone to the parking lot and they were planning to rob this or another business here in the area,” Southerland told LEX 18.

“There was some conversation about when they should do it, they might be recognized if they do it in Danville, and I think they did talk about some different locations …” Gray said, noting that he hasn’t heard the actual tape yet. “Somewhere in the conversation, my name was brought up.”

Chief Gray and other responding officers searched the parking lot until they found the men in their car. One of them had a mask on his person.

The men, identified as Robert Bourne and David Grigsby, have only been charged with public intoxication. The 911 tape will be turned over to the prosecutor’s office to see if other charges will be filed.

Chief Tony Gray told LEX 18 that it appears the two were just drunk and not actually going to rob any businesses.

Bourne and Grigsby are not allowed to come back to the restaurant. the two tried to go back to the restaurant and apologize but Southerland asked them to leave.

[Story courtesy of LEX 18]