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Shia LaBeouf Takes Down White Supremacist During Trump Protest



Shia LaBeouf has never been one to shy away from controversy or the media. Since 2005 LaBeouf has been involved in a numerous amount of scandals including (but not limited to) rehab, incarceration, public intoxication, and plagiarism.  Following his most recent arrest in 2014 at Studio 54, LaBeouf had a long stint in rehab for his alcohol addiction. Upon his release, Shia Labeouf began collaborating with British Artist Luke Turner, and Finnish artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö.

Together these three have embarked on a journey of numerous performance art shows including the infamous #IAmSorry. Dazed (a monthly British Style Magazine) has described these shows as “a multi-platform meditation on celebrity and vulnerability.” The group’s most recent art work collaboration/ performance “He Will Not Divide Us” sparked controversy Sunday when a white supremacist showed up to start a fight with LeBeouf…. and well… let’s just say LeBeouf pretty much OWNED THE KID!

When this unidentified white supremacist started to contribute his own thoughts and opinions to LaBeouf’s webcam… things became a little bit uncomfortable. In the clip below you can see tensions start to flare after the white supremacist starts to yell into the camera…. and let’s just say Shia LaBeouf’s reaction/response is something that you need to watch to even believe!

“He Will Not Divide Us” was created by Shia Labeouf, British Artist Luke Turner, and Finnish artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö. It is an ambitious response to the Trump presidency. The performance began on Trump’s inauguration day,and  it invites members of the public to recite the mantra “He will not divide us” into a webcam that will stream night and day.