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“Bobo Facts” with Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill



Bobo Facts :
Growing up, I always enjoyed listening to “Live” albums like Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Gratitude” or Parliament’s “P-Funk Earth Tour” albums. WhenCypress Hill got an opportunity to record a live album, we immediately jumped at the chance especially at The Fillmore in San Francisco, which is world renowned. Many classic groups from the 60’s & 70’s performed there. Honestly, not too many hip hop groups have made live records.

We were touring with the full band at the time and after touring for months, we were really tight as a band. What we didn’t want was to make a record like this only to go back into the studio to overdub parts. It needed to be live all the way through. I remember being very nervous because the pressure was on for us to get it right plus we were filming the show for a DVD release & third, it would be the first time performing at the Fillmore without taking any mushrooms. It was a tradition for me to always take mushrooms at the Fillmore. We had to be on point so besides smoking, we were all clear. This song is from the “IV” album. The song, while now listening to it, has many similarities to what is going on today with the police brutality. The mind process of the policeman has to be heavy whether they are crooked or not. B-Real came out and performed this song in a police uniform. The long intro is because we had an act of B getting arrested on stage then coming back dressed as a cop. You won’t see that here but check out the dvd if you have the chance.