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$20M Lawsuit on Beyonce for “Formation” Sample



With Beyonce and her team known for being extremely professional (with millions in the bank to back it up), you would think clearances would be the least of their problems and/or expenses.

Turns out the voice you hear at the very beginning of the song isn’t actually Big Freeda, which most of us assumed, but deceased YouTube personality, Messy Mya. The New Orleans native has videos from 2010, speaking his mind and ranting on about the town.

You can hear Messy Mya say “What happened at the New Wil’lins” on his 2010 video “Booking The H*es From New Wildin,” the exact same phrase and tone right at the beginning of “Formation.” “B*tch I’m back, by popular demand,” is also reportedly a lifted sample from Messy Mya. Check down below and see for yourself:

Mya’s estate claims they have been reaching out to Beyonce’s team multiple tomes but never received a response. This is why they have resulted to suing.
Supposedly, in the music industry, there’s a myth that if the sample is less than three seconds, it is inadmissible in court. But the phrase is definitely prominent in a track that went on to make millions. Also, “myths” don’t always hold up in court. What are your thoughts?