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Diddy Being Sued For Reverse Discrimination



As the late, great Brooklyn heavyweight The Notorious B.I.G. said from his legendary Life After Death album, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” For label exec, restaurateur and all-around hip-hop legend, Sean “Diddy” Combs, it means defending yourself from absurd lawsuits of epic proportions.

A group of former Revolt TV employees are suing Diddy for reverse discrimination, citing that they were “discriminated against for not being young, hip and black.” Now, while we haven’t seen the paperwork or any sort of Revolt TV application, given Diddy’s credentials, we’re pretty sure that being young and hip are at least in the job description.

Five white men over the age of 39, consist of Douglas Goodstein and his four producers — alums of The Howard Stern Show — say that Revolt TV’s executive vice president Val Boreland “treated the African American staff in a much friendlier and respectful manner,” according to court documents obtained by Page Six. Those same men found that Revolt’s corporate environment was unlike anything they had ever seen.

Guess they never watched The Show or anything involving Diddy’s counterpart, Damon Dash.

“The animosity Mr. Boreland had towards Caucasians was clear,” the suit says. The team was fired in December 2014, replaced by producers the suit characterized as “younger, black and with less experience.” Hmm, while we’re no Matlock or legal experts, Diddy has to fight for reparations someway, no? Just kidding, y’all, we’ll see where this goes as it continues to develop.