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Interview: T. Carriér & the “Twenty” Mixtape




Bay Area native, T. Carriér, is out with what may seem to be his final mixtape, titled TWENTY. (There’s talk of his first official album coming up next.)

I was able to sit down with the #gumbogod over some grits and fries a couple nights ago to talk to him about his most recent mixtape, TWENTY:

SG: I knew you back in 2013 when you were still called “Smoovie Baby,” can you talk about what struck you to change your name to T. Carriér?

TC: Back when I first started rapping, I called myself Young Smoov. My favorite rapper at the time (and still is), was Lil’ Wayne. Because of that, my style seemed to sound like his back then, so all my friends just started calling me “Smoovie Baby.” It just ended up sticking, so when I was 18 and took my music more seriously, I just stuck to Smoovie Baby. Once I started progressing in my music, I saw that as an opportunity to change it up. I didn’t feel like Smoovie Baby represented me and my music anymore. My music was growing into something more vulnerable, and more introspective. So I figure to stick to my real name.

SG: Ah, so Carriér is your real last name?!

TC: Yeah, haha.

SG: Well that explains the Creole side. But good for you, it sounds like you gave yourself an opportunity to start over with a more mature sound. With that said, I wanted to ask–also so that I could say this phrase–but, how was collaborating with, Caleborate on “Feelings”?

TC: It was dope, he’s from the bay and I’ve known him for the past four years. I first recorded the song without him. I kept thinking about who I would want on this track, and who would really go in. I hit up Caleborate and said I wanted him to be on some shit talkin’, something grimey. When I said that he was really excited about it. The music video was also a lot of fun too, we both worked retail so we both understand how it’s like to try and do your own thing but have to answer to a boss. Doing things for them and not being appreciated–I don’t have the time to support your dreams if you won’t support mine.

[Check out the official music video for “Feelings” by T. Carriér ft. Caleborate here:] 

SG: So with this project, TWENTY, can you explain the title and how it came about?

TC: You want to know the truth? The real real truth?

SG: No tell me a lie.

TC: This may sound cheesy, but T is the 20th letter in the alphabet.

SG: Hahahaha. I thought maybe since it was just your birthday–

TC: Yeah, I mean it also helps that yes, it’s a sort of reflection of my twenties. I have two collaborations and all the producers are dope. I must have listened to 70 beats while selecting the ones I wanted on this project.

SG: So you didn’t produce any of the tracks?

TC: Typically I produce 1-4 songs myself, but none on this. I believe the beats I chose went well with each other on a theatrical aspect–the way it builds up and breaks down.

SG: Dopest beat, in my opinion, is the track “Selfish.” It’s about not wanting to share your girl with your friends. What made you want to talk about a topic that’s typically the opposite conversation in Hip Hop?

TC: Guys are always in competition with each other, especially in the industry, and want to 1-up another. Don’t get me wrong, much love to Snoop and Nate Dogg, but when we grow up with songs like “Ain’t No Fun,” we believe that’s the way it should be, especially as a young guy. Sometimes you don’t wanna share your girl, and that’s cool too. There’s a lot of girls out here. It was a fun song, I like it.

SG: Me too!! So with all this, do you have any other projects or shows coming up?

TC: Yes! A tour coming up sometime in August. We have yet to finalize the dates. Most likely all over California and a few up in Washington.

All in all, I was excited to converse with an artist who is well on their way to being the hottest (musically and most likely physically) rapper coming out of San Francisco. (I added physically because ladies, have you seen him?!) Let’s just say there’s clearly something in that Bay Area water.

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