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Pokéland is the next Pokémon app coming to iOS and Android



Add Pokéland to the long list of handheld games in the popular Pokémon franchise. The newest Pokémon adventure takes place on your cellphone, similar Pokémon Go, but this time, players will collect and battle with Pocket Monsters. Pokéland is still being developed, however a select group of testers were recently invited to play the game and give feedback on their experience.

An alpha test version of the app contains six islands, 53 different stages to conquer and 134 different Pokémon will appear. Throughout the testing period, which will run from May 31-June 9 in Japan, users will only be able to play up to the 15th floor of the Champion Tower.

The Pokéland app is expected to be released on iOS and Android, and you will need internet connection and a Nintendo account to get started. The alpha test version can only be downloaded via Google Play. An official international release date should follow the testing period. Visit the Pokéland webiste for more info.