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Sony to release new Silver Version of the PlayStation 4



Gold isn’t the only new colorway coming to the PlayStation 4.

Sony had announced that European gamers won’t only be getting a brand new gold edition of the PS4, but they’ll be getting a sleek silvery console, too. Like the gold version that’s hitting the U.S., the silver console — which will only be available overseas — comes in the PlayStation 4?s “Slim” redesign along with a matching version of the overhauled DualShock 4. And while American gamers may wish they weren’t missing out on the design, they can take some solace in this fact: both of Europe’s new PS4s will have 500GB hard drives instead of the 1TB drive found in the U.S. release.

The silver PS4 drops June 28 while the gold 1TB edition will be available in the U.S. for $249 USD from June 9 through June 17.