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This Student-Owned Business throws LA Hip Hop College Parties that Donate to Charity



A true college experience, aside from the mundane morning classes and overpriced textbooks, usually includes a few house parties, concerts, and ragers here and there. But specifically here in Los Angeles, college students are doing more than just partying–they’re partying with a purpose.

It’s an interesting concept, I know. But it’s real and this is how you could be a part of it:

Langston Ennin, a current senior at Cal State University Northridge, is taking college parties to a whole ‘nother level. On a “good Samaritan” level you could call it, by starting 1&1, a party business that asks for guests to donate to charity at the door.

Inspired by UCLA’s notorious Undie Run, Ennin took the idea to CSUN. Instead, he asked the participants to donate the clothes they stripped off before running. He realized that it worked, and of course, students were eager to help (and strip because let’s not forget they’re still college kids).  Soon enough he realized that this was a successful event. This gave him the motivation to hold other types of parties in the exact same way, “to help the community every time, but still turn all the way up,” he tells me.

1&1 Stands for 1 college, 1 party, 1 donation. He’s got the system on lock. The steps go as follows: figure out which school to hit up, look for the heavy hitter DJs in their community, book security, then get students to promote on social media. He then encourages each guest to bring an item to the door to receive a discounted entry fee. Once they’re in, it’s turn-up time just as usual…but with the piece of mind knowing that there’s actually a good cause behind it. It’s a simple, full-proof plan that has helped 1&1 raise over 15,738 items in the past year. Ennin and his team bring all the donated items to a charity organization within the area the following day.

Check it out as I asked him a few questions about 1&1 and how he handles this business while still attending college:

SG: What other schools do you work with and how did you create the relationship?

LE: The LA College Community shows us a lot of love, CSUN shows the most of course, but then there’s UCLA, USC, Loyola Marymount University, CSULA, and Santa Monica College to name a few. The goal when working with other schools is to find a party place in that area and a small group of influential students at that campus, that would be happy to help the community and make some money while socializing and networking with other students. 

SG: How do you juggle being a student while also managing and figuring out all the business aspects to 1&1?

LE: I do what I have to do. If I cant sleep till 4 AM, then that’s what it is. I want to help people, and it’s not only when I have free time. It’s all day and night, it’s what I asked for. I see this becoming huge with all types of artists so I’m happy to put in long hours and hard work for it.

SG: How can those who are interested help out and/or find out when and where your next parties will be? 

LE: People that want to know about our events can follow me on Instagram @lambo_, our team page, and also just look up the #donatethenparty hashtag and anything that we have going on will pop up. We love ideas for party themes or any new party places! So just give us a DM and we can make an event happen with your school!

SG: What are your future plans for this company post graduation? 

LE: My goal after graduation is to make this dream into an official non-profit organization where we will have big artists like Drake, J Cole, Big Sean, Kanye, etc. but it would still be just like today, for example, $75 no donation, $40 with. That way, people will be more inclined to donate since they will receive a discount on entry. Then I want to go to as many colleges and universities as possible, hire as many artists as I can for shows, and see how far my passion will take me. The end goal is to do a show in Ghana, since that’s where my family is from, I won’t stop after that, but that’s when my goal will officially be accomplished. 

1&1 currently has a GoFundMe page. “The $2000 from this fundraiser will go toward helping us pay for the official 501-c3 forms to make 1&1 Donations a Non-Profit Organization! This will allow us to get sponsors that can help us reach even more college students and get donated items for the less-fortunate at our events! So far we have worked with UCLA, USC, LMU, UCR, AND CSULA and we plan to go way beyond that!!”

Check it out & donate here:

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