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California Is Growing Eight Times More Cannabis Than What It Consumes !



People who closely follow the the cannabis industry have had a good laugh lately at headlines like “Marijuana Shortage Prompts Emergency In Nevada.” But you’ll be none too surprised to hear that California finds itself having exactly the opposite problem. California is growing far more marijuana than it actually consumes, the head of the California Growers Association says. To put numbers on it, the growers warn that the Acapulco Gold-en State is growing 14 to 16 million tons of marijuana annually, but consuming only one and a half or two million tons of the sticky-icky.

But on the positive side, people in California will probably be buying and consuming vastly larger quantities of marijuana once adult recreational use becomes legal on January 1, 2018. Tourists will flock to California just to buy their pot, and scores of Californians will ditch their weed dealers with the ease of over-the-counter sales. Some industry analysts worried about price deflation may warn of a “pot surplus”, but the state of California may simply chortle, pull out their gravity bongs, and huff up that so-called surplus in no time.

Source : CBS SF Bay Area, SFist