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Long-boarder Eats Shit After Going Downhill



This is the moment a daredevil dad on a skateboard raced down a steep hill at 40mph before a cattle grid sent him nose diving into the floor – leaving his skin ‘hanging off’.

Nathan Barr used a long board, a slightly longer version of a skateboard, to hurtle down Horse Shoe Pass in Llangollen, North Wales, with his cousin’s girlfriend filming from the car behind.

The hair-raising footage shows the moment the planter operator realised it wasn’t going to end well as the board started getting uncontrollable ‘speed wobbles’.

However the 24-year-old did not realise just how painful and sudden this would be until he turned a corner to discover a cattle grid in his path – sending him skidding painfully across the tarmac.

Despite his skin being ‘shredded’ off his hands and body and there being ‘blood everywhere’, daring Nathan self-medicated with beer and even went to work the next day.


Source : Caters Clips

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