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“No World Series For You” by Sheiky



For many of us, we waited for our entire childhood for this moment, 29 years to be exact since the last time the Los Angeles Dodgers were on the grandest stage of them all, the World Series. I myself was born in the spring of 1989, a mere fetus when Kirk Gibson shoved Dennis Eckersley’s back door 3-2 slider right back up his ass and into the right-field pavilion. I had missed every single important moment in Dodger history but thankfully my father was there to show me everything I needed to know about the game and team I was about to fall in love with. I spent my childhood idolizing players like Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Brett Butler, Ramon Martinez, Chad Fonville, everybody on that Dodger roster in the 90s, and throughout the years they were my heroes. So once the boys in blue finally knocked someone off in the league championship and advanced to the world series I was absolutely beside myself, I took a few chugs of booze in celebration and with tears in my eyes I made sure to hit up the first person on my mind throughout the entire series, my father. I thanked him for every moment he spent with me and took me to the stadium, but all that joy and happiness soon turned quick into pessimism.

Next Morning after things had calmed down I figured I’d start looking for my world series tickets to purchase. I figured the NLCS was under 100 dollars a seat to the World Series wouldn’t be that much of mark up, boy was I wrong and way off the calculation.


Starting at a low price of 1,200 dollars you can experience the world series way the fuckup in the reserve level by the foul pole. This was complete utter bullshit considering I paid as low as 2 bucks to sit on the top deck on not give away nights earlier in the year. This was a slap in the face to every die-hard fan who has spent Thousands of Dollars in the span of 29 years to watch our boys no matter how well or terrible they were. The fucked up part of it all is people actually paid these prices no questions asked. I understand this could very well be a once in a lifetime event but that is no excuse for stupidity. It was ticket agencies and scumbag motherfuckers who could care less that got a hold of all the tickets and they posted them for sale to see how much they could get and they got all of it.

So basically it comes down to this, the only way to attend a world series game is to either be a corporate cock sucker motherfucker, drug dealer, use your rent money or suck Harvey Weinsteins fat fucking pussy like the rest of these satanic celebrity pieces of shit who didn’t attend a regular season game all fuckin year long but they were front and center for Hollywood status at the World Series. The devil can’t wait to have all of your lips around his red cock!