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What Its Like To Fly As The President Of The United States



This plane is an airborne version of the Pentagon. It’s an E-4B nicknamed the Doomsday Plane. The military calls it “Nightwatch.” It’s designed to survive nuclear attacks. If the Pentagon was destroyed, this plane would be a back up command center. The president, vice president, and Joint Chiefs of Staff would board the plane at a secret location. Then wage war from the skies. The plane has three floors and can weigh up to 800,000 pounds. It can be refueled mid-flight so it can stay in the air for days. It has nuclear and thermal shields. Along with protection from electromagnetic pulses which can shut down electrical systems and computers. The plane has its own satellite communications system so the president can talk with leaders across the globe. Anytime the president travels, there’s an E-4B close by. Just in case.

Source : Business Insider