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New York Drops $64 Million On Flood-Proof Gates To Protect Its Underground Transportation System



When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in 2012, flood water drowned both car and train tunnels. The water did extensive damage to the electrical systems, walls and ceiling panels of the tunnels. Now, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is installing heavy, 25 ton metal floodgates that can be closed during big storms, to keep flood water out of the tunnels. These floodgates will block car tunnels that connect Brooklyn and Manhattan. Other ones will block subway tunnels, along with elevators leading to the subway. Fabric will be used to cover subway stairs. Each gate is custom made to fit the opening. Joseph Lhota: “This is not something you go to Home Depot or go to Lowes that you can buy off the shelf. It needed to be made to make sure that it was completely sealed.” The project cost $64 million. When finished, the gates can be shut within 30 min.

Source : Business Insider