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Massachusetts To Allow Cannabis Cafes



The Cannabis Control Commission in Massachusetts is considering a plan that will allow the creation of cannabis cafes. where consumers can both buy and use the marijuana. It opens up more opportunities for businesses which in many states aren’t taking advantage of. The commission is hoping to finalize the policy by March so it could take effect in July, to start licensing establishments.

The cannabis cafes would be like going to a cigar lounge or bar, where the consumers can both buy and use the marijuana at the same place. A rule also requires that the establishment makes at least 51 percent of revenue from marijuana sales. The policy also includes a limit to how much marijuana a consumer can buy & use at the cafe, allowing the budtenders to cut off customers once they have reached a certain limit which addresses the fears of law enforcement about people driving after leaving a cannabis cafe.

Other than cannabis cafes, there could be exceptions that latter a rule for restaurants and hotels, commission members stated . The commission is considering a tiered structure for licensing that includes inhalation, ingestion or dermal application. Which would allow Massage therapists and yoga instructors to apply & use cannabidiol (CBD) oils and other products to serve the needs of their customers. Also, an establishment selling cannabis could not sell alcohol.

“I think we’ll be the first state in the country to offer this, so essentially we will have in place a regulated, safe and controlled system by which to consume cannabis on site and legal businesses.” – Michael Latulippe, Cannabis Control Commission Member.

Source : Entrepreneur