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North Korean Defector Had Anthrax Vaccinations Found In His Body



Traces of anthrax vaccinations have been found in the body of a North Korean defector who has escaped the communist country in 2017. The soldier’s identity  and exact date of defection were kept private,  but the defector is said to have been exposed to or treated for anthrax, a serious bacterial disease, the UPI reported . For those who do not know the effects of  the deadly disease, it can kill up to 80% of those exposed to it in 24 hrs.

North Korean soldiers in bio-warfare suits. Have they been vaccinated & immune to Anthrax ? 

This sparks fear that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is weaponizing the deadly bacterium. “North Korea has started experiments such as heat and pressure equipment to prevent anthrax from dying even at a high temperature of over 7,000 degrees generated at the time of ICBM’s re-entry into the atmosphere,” a Japanese newspaper reported. Which basically means that North Korea is  testing to mount anthrax onto intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the U.S.

The White House stated in its National Security Strategy, that Pyongyang is “pursuing chemical and biological weapons which could also be delivered by missile”. North Korea responded in denial, accusing the U.S. of portraying “untruths as truths” for “their aggressive greed.”

Source : Fox News, The Sun