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Donald Trump Responds To Kim Jong-Un’s ‘Nuclear Button’ On His Desk



In a recent speech welcoming the new year, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has stated that the United States would not start a war against his country, as he has nuclear weapons capable to reach anywhere in the US. Claiming to have a nuclear button on his desk, Kim stated that it’s ‘a reality and not a threat.’

Donald Trump took to twitter to respond against Kim & his New Years’ speech, here’s what he had to say :

In the speech welcoming 2018 Kim also says what he plans to do this year which is focus on mass producing nuclear warheads & ballistic missiles for ‘operational deployment’. Kim has also agreed to talk & open doors to South Korea for high-level talks in search for reconciliation and unity declaring his hope “for (a) peaceful resolution with our southern border.”

North Korean representatives will also start talks with their South Korean counterparts as soon as possible about sending a delegation to the 2018 Winter Games next month in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Which the South Korean president welcomed & called for swift measures to help North Korea participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics.