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6 Year-Old Girl Becomes Texas First Legal Medical Marijuana Patient



A 6 year-old girl from Texas can now treat her rare form of epilepsy after becoming the first marijuana patient in the state to legally receive it for medical purposes.  Texas’ first medical marijuana transaction came two years after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law legalizing the sales of cannabis oils that contain low levels of THC (the psychoactive element of the plant), and high levels of CBD ( the therapeutic compound of the plant).

A total of 3 dispensaries were legally authorized and licensed in 2015 by the Texas Department of Public Safety to grow and distribute products in late 2017, including the shop that made the states first delivery, Knox Medical.

The CBD oil produced and sold under the Texas law can contain up to 0.5 percent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the chemical in marijuana that produces a high. For comparison, marijuana for recreational purposes generally contains from 9 percent to more than 30 percent THC.

A number of products that advertise CBD oil as ingredients are available in Texas without prescriptions, but they’re produced by out-of-state companies and contain at most trace levels of THC, generally considered to be 0.3 percent or less. The medical marijuana program could possibly help a remarkable amount of people, as the Epilepsy Foundation Texas estimates roughly 150,000 Texans suffering from intractable epilepsy.

Source : SF Gate, Statesman