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Patek Philippe Releases New World Watch To Its Collection



Patek Philippe‘s 5513R World Time Minute Repeater is the first watch of its kind to feature a minute repeater that strikes local time, rather than home time, in any of the 24 reference zones displayed on the watch. The micro-mechanical timepiece was originally introduced in 2017 at Patek Philippe’s Art of Watches Grand Exhibition in New York as a special edition. Now, the watch joins the regular collection but in very limited quantities.

The Reference 5531R World Time Minute Repeater features a 18K rose gold, and chocolate brown alligator leather strap. The center of the face boasts an impressive cloisonné enamel artwork of the Lavaux vineyard terrace of Lake Geneva. It’s also the first Patek repeater that has the foot of the gongs attached to the case band, rather than the main plate, for a better sound.

The Patek Philippe 5513R World Time Minute Repeater retails for approximately $544,000 USD.