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Doctors Can Now Recommend Medical Marijuana In New Jersey



Image: © tvirbickis/Thinkstock

Doctors in New Jersey can now recommend their patients to use medical marijuana to treat symptoms such as anxiety, various forms of chronic pain, migraines and Tourette’s syndrome.

The conditions have been added under the first stage of a wide-ranging expansion of the medicinal marijuana program announced Tuesday by Gov. Phil Murphy .

Patients will also pay less to register with the program, have more locations from which to buy their medicine, and encounter fewer bureaucratic obstacles when they enroll, Murphy said in a press conference in Trenton.

“Patients should be treated as patients, not criminals. We will be guided by science,” Murphy said. No more would patients be “failed by a system that has been prevented from delivering the compassionate care it promised nearly a decade ago.”

The program will cut registration and renewal fees from $200 to $100 every two years, with senior citizens 65 and older and veterans added to the category of patients who pay only $20, according to the report. ”

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