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New Lava Fissures Threatens Hawaii For Possible Eruption



3 new lava fissures have surfaced on the big island of Hawaii, fueling fear in residents of a possible eruption that could spit out boulders the size of refrigerators. Under State Emergency & mandatory evacuations being issued, the National Guards have already blocked off access towards the new issues to avoid any danger. About 2,o00 people have already evacuated since May 3rd, with fissures sending lava into communities and threatening a geothermal plant. The dangers of the fissures are the lava which spills out on the floor AND spits it out who knows how many feet in the air & the toxic sulfur dioxide it releases. Just in case you haven’t got the memo yet, if you’re in Hawaii GTFO ! lol

But for real,  all prayers go out for Hawaii, as none of us have seen a volcano be as active as the Kilauea.

Source : CNN, Caters Clips