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Lava Flow From Kilauea Blocks Main Evacuation Route & Leaks Into The Ocean



As if it wasn’t already enough damage being done in Hawaii from the Kilauea volcano, it gets worse as it has now cut of a main evacuation route from the island, & has now made its way into the ocean. The dangers of when the lava hits the ocean is dangerous, as the mixture causes hydrochloric acid & steam with shards of glass into the air. Aerial views from a helicopter shows the rivers of lava just flowing throughout the island.

It was also reported that a blob of lava splatter has seriously injured a man who was sitting on his 3rd floor balcony, shattering his shin. Some blobs of lava splatter are dangerous as come can weigh as much as a fridge. OUUCHH ! Imagine being hit by a heavy ass piece of hot melted rock ! FUUUCK THAT !

You can’t fuck with mother nature !

Source : CBC News