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Lamar Odom Is Moving To China



The former NBA star revealed in an Instagram post Tuesday that he’s taking a “huge step” and moving to Shenzhen, China where he will work with 90plusgroup, an entertainment company. Odom, 38, said he recently wrapped up a weeks-long business trip in the Chinese city. While there, he “signed deals” and met with his Chinese business partners at 90plusgroup.

The company, which has worked with stars such as Akon and Travis Payne, “aims to create new intellectual property, new content, and new branding” with the former NBA star according to its website.

Odom told fans he’ll be updating them on his exciting new adventure. Hundreds of people commented on Odom’s post to offer their support and best wishes. These past years has been filled with highs and lows for the NBA star, who has battled substance abuse & heartbreak, & his plan to move to China is whats best for a ‘fresh start’.

Source : FOX