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Grand Opening of B-Real’s Dispensary In Sylmar, CA



Legendary rapper/cannabis activist B Real of Cypress Hill will be opening one of his first of many dispensaries ‘Dr. Greenthumb’s’ on August 15th in Sylmar, California (just north from Los Angeles). Since California legalized the recreational use of marijuana back on January 1, it is now home to the country’s LARGEST legal pot market in the world,  so it only made sense for the rapper to open up a dispensary himself.

After years of people trying to figure out where to get the ‘weed’ that B Real smokes on, now you know where to get it as it will be in all of the Dr.Greenthumb’s dispensaries under the ‘INSANE’ brand which will bring you nothing but the best quality for consumption with over 20+ years of cultivating experience from the sensei himself Kenji Fujushima.

For those who don’t know, Cypress Hill was one of the first few hip hop / rap groups to support the cannabis movement & used their platform / audience to help build it to what is is today. Their sophomore album ‘Black Sunday’ (which is certified 3x platinum) had 19 facts in their liner notes to help support the legalization of cannabis & was heavily encouraged by hit tracks like Hits from the Bong, I Want To Get High,  & Insane in the Brain. I mean it was ritual back in the day where if you smoked for the first time you HAD to bump some Cypress Hill.

So on behalf from ‘Dr. Greenthumb’ himself, we invite all of California & people from around the world to come join us for the Grand Opening next week.