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Could Mexico Be Next Country To Legalize Marijuana?



Mexico’s Supreme Court has deemed the country’s marijuana prohibition law unconstitutional, bringing America’s neighbor closer to marijuana legalization.

It was not the first time the court made such a ruling, but it was the fifth time. Under the country’s legal system, once the Supreme Court reaches a similar decision in five separate cases, the standard set by the rulings applies to the country’s entire court system.

“The rulings technically do not legalize recreational use, however. They establish that courts must allow it, but it is still up to each individual to press his or her case in the judicial system,” explained the Associated Press. The rulings apply to possession, use, and growing — not commercialization or sales.

If Mexico’s government follows through, the country could become the third in the world to legalize pot for recreational purposes — after Uruguay and Canada.

Although 9 states in the United States have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, pot is still illegal under federal law.

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Source : VOX