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How DatPiff Found Its Niche & is stronger than ever.



“I remember Diddy telling me years ago that DatPiff put out bigger projects in the last five years than all of the major labels combined,” says Kyle “KP” Reilly, vice president of DatPiff. “And that was dead ass true.”

When the music distribution platform entered the industry in 2005, it became one of the go-to places to hear mixtapes. For rappers, producers, DJs, and hip-hop fans across the world, DatPiff developed into a favorite place to share music directly with fans. It became home.

From the very beginning, the platform put a focus on developing close relationships with artists and assisting in career development. KP prides himself on that, and credits the success and longevity of DatPiff to being hands-on with the artists and teams he works with. One notable example is Wiz Khalifa, whose Kush & Orange Juice, Taylor Allderdice, and Cabin Feverprojects earned the highest certifications on the site.

“Wiz’s old production company uploaded the mixtape Flight School to DatPiff, and that was our first official release with them,” remembers Will Dzombak, president of Taylor Gang Entertainment and manager of Wiz Khalifa. “After that, I reached out to KP on Twitter, started talking, and we kept in touch. About two years after first talking online, Wiz had a show at Lehigh University. KP was around and we connected then. We hung all night, smoking, taking shots, and just talking music.”

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