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The Popular TV Show “Judge Judy” is Coming to an End After 25 Seasons



Judy Sheindlin, star of Judge Judy, has just announced on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her show is coming to an end. For the past decade, Judge Judy has been the highest-rated daytime television show, and CBS is looking to make use of the show’s catalog of old episodes, buying the television rights from Sheindlin for $95 million USD.

On top of selling the entire catalog of episodes up until the 25th anniversary of Judge Judy in 2021, Sheindlin is also one of the highest-paid television stars in the States, reportedly making $47 million USD a year for her contributions to the show. The 77 year old judge, however, will not be hanging it up after Judge Judy, as she already has another television show in the work titled Judy Justice which will release in 2022.