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Under Armour’s “Hybrid HOVR Summit Fat Tire”



Under Armour‘s Street to Summit collection aims to create products that are perfect for a modern, on-the-go lifestyle — versatile enough for daily street style, rugged enough for a grueling hike. The latest result of that experimentation is a brand-new hybrid silhouette dubbed the HOVR Summit Fat Tire. Drawing silhouette inspiration from UA’s 2015 Fat Tire line and updating the look with modern HOVR cushioning, the HOVR Summit Fat Tire is technical yet practical and loaded with unique details.

Uppers are built from durable synthetics ranging from ripstop to neoprene and feature a unique rope lacing system that snakes over the forefoot and midfoot before intertwining above the throat. This provides an easily adaptable fit and is inspired by a samurai’s armor. “Samurais have this thing called the agemaki knot,” says HOVR Summit Fat Tire designer Yurri Mial. “If you look at the different armour that they have, their panels are connected by rope and decorative elements, like the agemaki knot. It was fascinating to see how they were both ornate, yet functional at the same time. They held the armour together but they were also symbols, used to represent things like prosperity and family.”

Below this sits a high-tech cushioning setup, thanks to a midsole that’s constructed with a 360 HOVR foam build, contained by a “mesh energy web.” The HOVR foam works with another bottom-loaded layer of foam and a lugged Michelin rubber outsole, combining the energy return of a running shoe with the all-terrain grip of a boot. Colorway options include a soft green with black and orange accents or a more straightforward black and gray. There’s also a zip-off cuff option for those who wish for a little extra stability — but this piece will be introduced in early 2021.

The Under Armour HOVR Summit Fat Tire is available on the UA webstore now, and is priced at $170 USD.