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The Dr. Greenthumb Show Ep. 118 | Special Guests Donnell Rawlings On Comedy & Cali Blaise Extracts



As we come back from a wild election day, we kick off the podcast with special guest and cannabis extractor Cali Blaise in the house! The guys kick the show off fresh with the Dr.’s special margaritas for the crew, the guys talk about dogs and the relationships they have with them. E-Zone talks about coming across a dog communicator or medium in the park. QUICKLY Eric Bobo brings up another story from the past where he gave a cat a micro dot of LSD one time. Though it was intentional, the cat started licking his hand when he wasn’t paying attention and had a tab there. Eric Bobo describes the cat tripping out and then B-Real recalled that the cat in particular he remembered as a tough alley cat. C-Minus and E-Zone both agree that they think that cats are assholes when it comes to personalities and destructing things. Cali Blaise recalls a time he was attacked by cat and it was caught on a ring camera outside that he had to throw and it ended up breaking multiple things.

When it comes to flavors, Cali Blaise brought both flowers and concentrates though for the guys to check out and gave us more info on processes of concentration. Best farmers in the world are in California, so when you work with the best in the world they are definitely here. With a product that comes with a promise that Cali Blaise will make sure you are satisfied with their extracts or get you right. The CRC process done right, Cali Blaise filters waters and refines the process to deliver the best product possible to their supporters.

E-Zone and Blaise both got into the Simpson’s and their fandom for their real life predictions, E-Zone claiming it as “Cartoon Illuminati”. All agreed that South Park was really dope because like the Simpsons, no one ever aged. Blaise brought up later that most people thought that Cypress Hill in NYC, where he is from, was the origins of the group. B-Real describes how New York really did claim and show the Cypress group love as if they were from there.

E-Zone reminded his dad, The Dr. himself, that there are many new states that just passed legalization. Blaise touched on how long that process and development it takes to get those measures in order and active. Oregon actually passed legislation that legalized many drugs in this recent election.

Donnell Rawlings makes his way to the podcast after a short little break. Immediately the energy gets taken up with Donnell always being the bright energy in a room. With his new “bitch who don’t talk back in tow” he has a new dog Many along with him. E-Zone said Donnell was out here naked jokingly and “Ashy Larry” hit E-Zone with that hold up, you are a little too calm tone as the two joked around again. Donnell proclaimed he doesn’t speak “Bark” so him and his new dog Magy get along great because she is so small she take little M&M poops. Having an emotional support dog card is like having a medical card E-Zone got into and Donnell lets us know there are some weed guys you can get both from. Donnell lets the podcast know he recommends getting a lap dog if you want to meet new women, lately he has seen success in his own experiences. Donnell tells a story where he gets an upgraded on a Delta flight and the lady next to him has a Saint Bernard next to him on a flight that was uncomfortably close to him, which made him feel like a “white karen” because he complained after his flight for having to sit next to massive dog.

B-Real brings up the smackfest videos they have been watching and Donnell remembers when Hot 97 had Smackfest back in the early 2000’s and how far the actually matches went, later becoming an international phenomenon. Donnell Rawlings brings up his first gigs at “Comedy Connection” in Greenbelt Maryland. Donnell would heckle comedians, and quickly tells E-Zone he has “heckle-face” as more comedic jarring went down. Donnell talks about being a heckler at a comedy club then being challenged to go on stage and bombing his first attempt. He started roasting the audience and thats how he discovered his career birthed from a natural vibe of being the guy in the room people enjoyed laughing with. The guys all agree how roasting or capping or snapping on each other was their first days of interacting with comedy at young ages, but Donnell having a special ability to destroy his competition. There are two ways it goes he says, either they want to fight or drink after. Our condolences to David Lucas getting destroyed by Donnell on Kill Tony Live at the Comedy Store. You always gotta be ready for a defining moment in your career was the moral of the story and take the chances you need to.

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