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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #120 | Guests Steftone & Eric Bobo



Phunky Friday on the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast, the team toasts some Mezcal and catch Steftone up on the shenanigans this week he missed on. E-Zone compares his dads “DrMargaritas” to some he has had out and about while B-Real asks them if they can handle spicy drinks and food. Eric Bobo, Cypress Hill percussionist, lets us know that you don’t want to eat something thats going to have your “butthole talking” and he avoids anything lactose so he doesn’t have “immediate churro”. Dr. Greenthumb breaks down what “Jungle Juice” is at a house party in southern California and how it makes everyone belly up in the streets throwing up. The guys talk taking their drinking to their limits getting the spins, watery mouth and the moments you realize that you are about to throw up.

Steftone back in the house reminds the podcast, that they have been practicing recreational smoking long before it was recreational. B-Real talks his first time hanging out legendary “Rainbow bar” in hollywood and the many famous faces he would come across. Since the first time they hung out and smoked, it became an 8 year tradition to go weekly and smoke at which was dubbed “Lil Amsterdam”. On Fridays, B-Real and many friends would play dominoes and smoke the finest of OG’s. The whole venue was very respectful but there was a common don’t mess around when it came for the love the Rainbow bar, as Steftone describes, “everyone from all genres of music and lifestyles would join together at this spot.” They would come together to protect that spot no matter what, the history of The Rainbow Bar on the sunset strip. The food is amazing there as well, as C-Minus recommends the Chinese chicken salad and Eric Bobo with his band member B-Real agreeing that the Pizza is amazing. C-Minus discusses a time he was coming out the famous venue, The Roxy, where he smelled some good weed and sure enough he came across B-Real and friends where he joined the guys. Only one time the Dr. recalls having to put down the weed because they were smoking multiple “blimp” sized joints and a cop asked friend Dr.K to put two of the three massive sized joints out and allowed them to keep one going. This was a time before recreational and having a doctors recommendation to be able to smoke weed let alone publicly.

E-Zone remembers Cannabis events and seshes where everyone would get together to find the bestsellers in the game out there with the best products. Free dabs and edible samples were a favorite but thats where the guys practiced the roll your own and use your own rig rules before the cover situation was even going on. The Dr himself would pretend to have a little sickness to avoid letting anyone smoke out of his bong. Not the most sanitary practice that most likely wont return, some companies were using one device to give hundreds if not thousands of people a dab out the same rig. Steftone and E-Zone talk about how other people just destroy bathrooms at these events, where they couldn’t even use some restrooms at public events. The Dr. recommends that you “flush out your system before you get to the club” and Bobo reminds the Insane Asylum that you have to take an express dump in those situations. Bobo has never had no toilet paper in his stall but he has missed a flight while on the toilet as he heard his flight last call and was unable to stop the “task” at hand.

The table talks about whats going on in 2020 and how essential weed is at keeping people good during the tough times. Eric Bobo asks what it would have been like to have no weed during these times as well especially early into quarantine. The Dr. reminds us all that were able to keep cannabis businesses open as an essential business respectfully. There was a time where you couldn’t quietly enjoy weed places as C-Minus brings up when he and the rest of the guys were younger, being hard to hide the smell as B-Real says too. The podcast concurs that no one feels apologetic for how loud their weed is for they are making the world better by sharing the plant. Bobo asks B-Real if there is a song he has written sober and the Dr. fills us in on that “Stoned is the way of the walk” ironically was the song he was inspired while sober riding the bus. Interesting fact, It’s the only rhyme he wrote sober and memorized with out having to write on paper. The beat was found that same day by random which was meant for a different artist and was swooped up and turned into the classic song, long verse no chorus.

The Doors to the Insane Asylum opened up to superchat questions as always!

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